Tracking the Vikings in Greenland


In August crazy eye perspectives has been in South Greenland to create aerial photographs and digital elevation models from selected Norse harbour sites for the DFG Project "Harbours in the North Atlantic (800–1300 AD) HaNoA".


We had a great time in a fascinating landscape!

We went to places like Brattahlíð, the farm of Eric the Red, or Igaliku where the bishop resided in Norse time, to record parts of the landscape and selected ruins that are supposed to be important for former maritime activities.


The tools used to record the wider areas were our KAP-foil kites and the DJI Phantom. Due to the hot summer in Greenland - we were very lucky with the weather and even got a decent sunburn - the wind speed was very low. That`s why the UAV was used quite often - until it crashed into the sea because remote control was lost. However, we could continue our work on 3D recording of a lot of Norse ruins. The result of the survey and of our 15.000 images will be presented soon!