"Mapping the Lady of Vix" - crazy eye (T) at the excavations of VIX, France 2014

In July and August 2014 the annual excavations of the Hallstatt period settlement Vix took place. The site is famous for the grave of a woman with very precious burial equipment discovered in 1953 - The Lady of Vix.

crazy eye (T) supported the excavation teams with the DJI Phantom quadrocopter by creating birds eye images of the trenches, by recording crop marks in the surroundings and by producing 3D Models.

For the team from the University of Zurich I also created a high resolution 3D model and a true orthophoto from a gate of the late Hallstatt period, which is under investigation since 2009.

The model can be viewed in our gallery. At this point I would  also like to thank the team Zurich for the request, for providing confidence in our work and for the the smooth running.

The Austrian team successfully tested the telescopic pole PhotoMop for excavation recording, provided by crazy eye perspectives.

true orthophoto of the excavation at Vix, the site the famous lady of Vix is from. Calculated by Agisoft Photoscan using SfM and MvS, images recorded by a Canon S90 equipped to a quadcopter UAV DJI Phantom
by Gerald Raab, crazy eye (T)