About crazy eye

Crazy Eye is a cooperation between Ronny Weßling and Gerald Raab, aiming to combine our professional know-how.

Together we - Crazy Eye -  seek to support the use of modern technologies for efficient 3D recording and data management of our cultural heritage. Therefore we are offering a package of services to bring in our knowledge!


I once started as a student project, called Crazy Eye Perspectives. It was about the development of camera platforms for archaeological tasks, e.g. the camera crane Opterix 2.0 and the well-known telescopic camera pole PhotoMob.


During my study of archaeology I focused on field methods, GIS data analysis and digital applications. Due to my special interest in photography and photogrammetry I started to develop my own camera platforms and to teach myself about Image Based Modelling.

I gathered extended experience in archaeological fieldwork and data processing while working as free-lancer and research assistant in different international projects. Most often I was engaged for digital 3D recording, surveying and mapping. This enabled me to apply Image Based Modelling on various kinds of research questions. In this way I became an expert in the field of Structure from Motion (SfM) and Multi View Stereo (MVS) applications in archaeology.

Ronny Weßling

Ronny Weßling

Image Based Modelling expert and archaeologist

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mail: Ronny.Wessling@crazyeye.at

phone: 0043 650 5854 666

address: Schellhammergasse 4/19, 1170 Vienna, Austria



After acquiring an engineering diploma in economic computer sciences, I studied archaeology and was hired as a freelance archaeologist in different international missions & institutions from Europe to Africa. Beside excavations and surveys, my main tasks were data management, system administration and photographs.

At this point the idea to start an own company that combines professional IT-work with archaeology and cultural heritage, was born.


UAVs are very interesting and fascinating tools. For nearly 4 years I have been logging several flight hours with my own multicopter.  

My partner Ronny Weßling introduced me in the wide field of image based modelling. Now I use various 3D programs to present archaeological data in videos and for augmented reality. Since two year I specialised to work with different SFM and image based modelling programs. So if you are looking for high quality IT/UAV solutions & 3D models, feel free to contact me.

Gerald Raab

Gerald Raab

3D Modeller, Engineer for economic computer science and archaeologist

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mail: Gerald.Raab@crazyeye.at

phone: 0043 660 1200 944

address: Sorbaitgasse 4/40, 1150 Vienna, Austria