17.04.2015: crazy eye in Sudan - Aerial Survey and 3D modelling in the surrounding area of Hamadab and Meroe 2015

From the 04.01 - 30.03.2015 crazy eye (T) joined for the second time the international project of the DAI - Orientabteilung, Hamadab & Qatar Archaeological Sudan Project (QSAP).
The main tasks were the support of the team survey in aerial photography, 3D modelling and data management. The technical equipment consists of a modified DJI Phantom with a selfmade camera mount, ten batteries and three different cameras for specialized tasks. Over one hundred new sites were recorded and most of them were documentated from the air with orthophotographs and 3D models. After the survey was done, I worked with the excavation team until the end of the campaign to make georeferenced 3D models (image based models or structure from motion) of all trenches and also orthophotographs
for drawing of profiles and layers. All together about 120 models were processed and most of them rendered. The results will be shared soon. It was a pleasure to work with all the members of the project. Thank you.