Equipment shop

We want you to participate in our outstanding expertise in the field of camera platforms for archaeological tasks. Our equipment has several advantages over conventional ground based systems as ladders, stages or scaffolds. If you want to hire or buy one of our systems please contact us for more details.

Low Altitude Aerial Photography is our method of choice when it comes to high precice and detailed data acquisition. Dependent on the job we are using various low cost but relieable poles, kites and UAVs, which are applied for the creation of high quality metric images.


Different poles are used for detailed excavation recording and high resolution documentation of architectural remains.
The poles are easy to use and low cost tools to operate in an altidutes of 2 to 14 m. Live view video downlink and remote control guarantee a precise and fast image acquisition.
Our self developed poles Opterix 2.0 and PhotoMop have been used in various projects all over the world.


Kite Aerial Photography is applied for aerial imagery in legally restricted or very remote areas as well as in high-wind regions. These very stable platforms are reaching an altitute up to 300 m and can stay in the air for hours to cover huge areas. A selection of different kites and camera rigs enables us to fly in different wind speeds and environments.

Optimized consumer grade multicopters and fixed wing unmanned aerial systems complement our tools for aerial photography. They combine the benefits of kites and poles and offer an excellent tool for recording and monitoring archaeological sites from the air. Autonomous flights along predefined waypoints guarantee for high stereo coverage and fast data processing.